Started in 1994 with a staff of 2 employees, Geodimensions was getting to be well known in the Wenatchee Valley area.  In 1996, manager Norm Nelson, PLS made the decision to purchase the business and take off on his own under the new name of Northwest Geodimensions, Inc.

The firm continues to grow each year and is now responsible for the employment of 12 people and manages over 200 projects per year.  In 2004, the business moved out of its 1800 sq. ft. rental to its own 4000 sq. ft. office building in downtown Wenatchee, Washington.

Our Home

The Wenatchee Valley in Washington State located in the great Northwest is home to Northwest Geodimensions, Inc.  Our location, where the sun shines an average of 300+ days a year offers limitless outdoor recreation activities and plenty of good surveying weather.  Located in Wenatchee, the majority of our work is performed in Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Grant County.  We do find ourselves working in other counties throughout Washington as we continue growing.  Being located in the center of the state is ideal as we can extend our services throughout Washington for our clients’ needs.


Northwest Geodimensions continues to grow because we do business with honesty, enjoyment, and consideration for all our clients.  Since the beginning, our founder Norm Nelson PLS, installed quality, respect, and being truthful into every service provided by the company.  Being able to work together and with others is critical for our success.  We know if our people enjoy their work this sensation will reflect into our services.  We are in the business of providing services to people, it is our goal that every client feels they made the right decision after choosing the services of Northwest Geodimensions.